Use Natural Stone To Perk Up Boring Rooms

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Stone Veneer Interior

If it is time to put a fresh coat of paint on a living room, bedroom, bath or kitchen wall, think about other options to add a striking new look and to cut down on future maintenance. Nothing makes an area come to life like the natural presence of stone. Here are a few design tips for stone products that could change the appearance of a boring room, with little effort and cost.

Open-Space Living Rooms

Open concept living spaces are the wave of the future. However, too much space can be difficult in holding appeal when the walls are bland. For instance, a cathedral ceiling is lovely, but will eventually look empty. By using stone siding on a high-pitched wall, depth and texture give the entire room a feeling of warmth and beauty. Also, by wrapping a corner into a hallway can bring about a blended look instead of a sharp division.

Glamorous Bedrooms

Update a bedroom by using a stone siding of contrasting color from the headboard. For example, if your headboard is made of dark wood, try lining this same wall with light beige golden sand quartz stone. The light tones of natural texture and color will deliver a gorgeous backdrop for the headboard wood and bed dressings.

Bathrooms that Relax

No longer are bathrooms a closet-sized area where a few minutes are spent. Evolving into a peaceful oasis of stress-reducing time, natural openness is emerging. Open showers and saunas with wood or stone add to the mellow feeling of rest. By lining sink areas with stone veneer, this space can be highlighted even more. Marble floors are elegant when met with a wall of stone, making a perfect fit.

A Dream Kitchen

Regardless of what style you need in the kitchen, the rich glow of designer stones will never disappoint. Add a wall of dramatic gray ledge stone to offset modern stainless steel or use cobblestone under cabinets when a traditional look is desired. Change a bar into an eye-catching focal point be lining with stone. Durable and easy to clean, scuffs will become less obvious.

Designer stones have become a favorite in incorporating the fresh feeling of nature inside of homes. Technology has come a long way in delivering quality stone products that are wearable and beautiful.

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