Top 5 Ways to GREEN Your Home Based Business

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Being a blogger I have first hand knowledge about having a home based business. In fact over the years, I’ve had several home based businesses. What can I say, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. So saving money is at the forefront of my brain all the time.

And of course I’m always looking for the most SUSTAINABLE options as well. So, here are some great GREEN options for your home based business. 

woman on computer1. Go Paperless – Ok, perhaps not completely paperless, but you now have options! Get your receipts emailed if possible and keep them in a folder on your computer. Just refuse the paper. It’s that easy.

2. Buy ECO Paper
– Some may argue that they are buying RECYCLED paper, so their business is green. True, but this is an even BETTER option, try Step Forward Paper. This Canadian company creates the most sustainable paper option on the market right now, as it’s made from wheat production leftovers. It’s 80% tree-free wheat straw. Each year 3 – 6 billion trees are logged for paper and other uses. We need our trees to live on this planet (they produce carbon dioxide among many other important roles on earth), so this is a fantastic option. You’ll find the tree-less paper atStaples in Canada and the U.S.

3. Don’t Buy NEW Office Furniture –
I know, I know we want the best for our business, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy new furniture. Save your money and check out used furniture. You can find great deals online or at used office furniture places. Go for pieces that express you and your business.

4. Have your Meetings ONLINE-
Save your time, money and the car emissions by having your meetings ONLINE. Google Hangouts are FREE and work really well. You can have up to 10 people online at the same time. You can record your meetings and email the link to those who miss the meeting. And it’s all FREE!

5. Use Reusable Name Tags –
It’s a simple idea, but using something like The Mighty Badge will save you money and paper. The kit comes with a variety of badge options, iseasy to use and creates professional looking badges. So when you promote someone you won’t have to get them a new badge, just make them one and reuse the the cover.

You want more? For more money saving green business options, take a look at this blog post I wrote about PAPER consumption. 


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