The Perfect Gift Basket For Mother’s Day

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Mother's day gift baskets

Mom is special. Why not give her a unique gift this year? Give her a gift basket filled with things she will love. You can make Mother’s Day gift baskets. It is not as hard as you would believe. Here are a few tips to get you started:



Consider the sizes of your items before you buy your basket. Are they tall? Are they long? You will want to purchase a basket accordingly. A basket that is too small is likely to topple over with tall items stacked inside. Likewise, long items will spill awkwardly over the sides if the basket is too narrow.



Make a list of the things you want to put in your basket. This will help you to select the right basket size and shape. You do not have to be specific here. Descriptions like ‘lotion’ or ‘bath salts’ will work fine for this part. Take the list with you when you purchase your basket.



Here, things can get a little tricky. If you know Mom loves perfume, but you don’t know what fragrance then you have two options:
1) You can ask Mom what perfume she loves.
2) You can skip the perfume in favor of something else.
This may seem a bit extreme, but you do not want to purchase a fragrance she will hate.

Try to fill your basket with things you know she likes. It is easier to follow a theme than ‘freestyle’ your basket. For instance, if she loves coffee fill her basket with premium beans,a great coffee mug, chocolate-dipped stirring spoons and fancy, flavored creamers.

If your mother is an avid reader, grab a new release or two from her favorite author. Add in a beautiful book mark and a nice book clip and stand. If you aren’t sure what genre or author she loves, then purchase a gift certificate from your local bookstore.

Is your mom a baker? A basket filled with new measuring spoons and cups, a new apron, and designer chocolates and extracts will be perfect for her next creation. You may even be the recipient of the goodies she bakes!



Start with a filler for your basket. Lots of people use shredded paper or plastic to fill the bottom of the basket. This will give your items height. You don’t want your items hidden in the bottom of the basket. Next, arrange the items with the tallest in the middle, shorter ones on the sides. Or, choose largest to smallest in a layering fashion.


Wrap your basket with shrink wrap. Top with a bow.


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