The Environmental Impact of Plastic Bags

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Reuseable Shopping Bags


For years, people have been using plastic bags without considering the impact they have on the environment. A movement has been started to change this and increase awareness. The goal is to move away from single-use shopping bags and replace them with reusable shopping bags.The movement started slow, but it is starting to gain some momentum.

As a result of this movement, more people are now aware of the impact plastic bags have on our environment. We now know that most plastic bags are not biodegradable. They end up sitting in landfills. Some of them end up in lakes and oceans. When plastic bags end up mixing with sea life, the result can be devastating. Plastic bags have been responsible for the death of a lot of marine life. Plastic bags are one of the most harmful types of waste we produce.


Government Intervention

Even with knowledge of the effects of plastic bags so wide-spread, it is still not enough to motivate people to become more eco-friendly. People are still using single-use plastic bags. Therefore, some governments are taking the protection of the environment into their own hands.

Montreal is one of these jurisdictions. They plan to ban commercial businesses from distributing plastic bags. This idea has received mixed reactions. Many people are in favor of the ban. The ban will go a long way in protecting wildlife, the environment, and even people from plastic bag waste.

If the ban goes through, people will be forced to use reusable bags. Reusable bags cost more than regular shopping bags up front, but they help save money in the long run. Reusable shopping bags are also more durable. They are less like to rip or break. Some stores even offer another incentive for becoming eco-friendly. These stores offer discounts to shoppers who have reusable grocery bags.


Opposition to the Ban

Even with all the benefits provided by reusable shopping bags, not everyone is in favor of the possible switch. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business opposes the potential ban. They believe that the new law would be an inconvenience for customers and result in lost profit for businesses.

They say the switch would result in customers not buying anything if they don’t already have a bag with them. So far, they have not provided much evidence to support this notion. Luckily, there are businesses who support the banning of single-use plastic bags. Many of them already made the switch to reusable bags. They have not noticed many complaints from their customers so far.


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