The Crucial Issue of Global Water Scarcity

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The crucial issue in global water scarcity

Water is all life. Water is food and home to millions of living creatures.Water is necessary for the production of food and for food security. It is the source of life for any and every ecosystem. However, there has been a global issue of water scarcity. It is very alarming the rate at which our sources of fresh water all over the world are diminishing. The scariest part is that, as water becomes scarcer, the population is only getting bigger. In the near future, some countries are going to be completely pressed when it comes to water and food with respect to population. Water purification systems could be one of the many solutions to water pollution. Here are a few areas to look at with respect to the global water scarcity.

  1. Agriculture

Agriculture is suffering from water scarcity happening all over the world but it is also a major cause of this shortage. It comes as no surprise that approximately 70 percent of all the water shortages are caused by agriculture. It is however possible to rectify this by watching how we use water for agriculture. For example, the types of crops grown largely dictate the amount of water used. Pulses crops like lentils use way less water than say the amount of water you would need before you finally have beef.

  1. Climate

Climate change is what causes water to be scarcer and the global issue of water scarcity is actually meant to increase because of climate change. Temperatures all over the world will greatly increase. As there continues to be global warming, the sources of water that can be renewed will also be depleted. There have been very bad droughts in the recent past and this is consequently affecting agriculture. What we need to do is to find a way to recycle water from fresh water sources. It won’t do much to stop a drought but it will definitely reduce its impact all over the world.

  1. Food

There is a large amount of water found in the foods we eat and consequently the wasted food. This is listed here as a cause for the issue of water scarcity all over the world because if we cut down on the amount of food waste then we can save a lot of water. Understand that throwing away food means you have wasted any and every resource that was used to produce this food.

  1. Pollution

Water pollution is a large contributor to water scarcity. Pollution of water can lead to some very harmful diseases. Water pollution comes largely from human waste and industrial waste as well. Fertilizers used have also been a large contributor as they wash away to the natural sources of water and with time we are left with a very tiny amount of water from fresh water sources.




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