The 10 Plumbing Facts That Most of Us Don’t Know About

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Have you ever wondered about the history of plumbing? Does your plumber Toronto have all the historical facts about plumbing? Well, for starters, the word plumbing originally was derived from the word Plumbum (lead).  In the past workers who worked with lead were known as plumbarius. The word was later shortened to be a plumber. The skill of plumbing is a historical craft that dates back to the Roman empire and lead pipe inscriptions were used to hinder any chances of water theft. Well, your local plumbing company can’t use the same tricks that were used by the Roman plumbers.  The profession didn’t get any advancement till later in the 19th century when the sewage systems were finally created.

Well, I am sure you didn’t know the word plumbum existed, now let’s look at more crazy facts about the plumbing industry.

  1. Albert Einstein

He didn’t make an invention related to plumbing. However, this famous scientist made an announcement that if he were to live his life again he would be a plumber. This announcement earned him an honorary membership in the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union.

  1. Japan

The Asian country has some of the well-advanced technologies in the plumbing industry, some that even the Roman Empire would have loved to have. The technology capitol has some urinals equipped with voice-activated commands like flushing. Some of the commands include fire.

  1. Toilet Paper Holder

A research was done to check whether people do place their toilet papers on the holders with the flaps facing the front side or behind. More than $100,000 was spent on this study.  Findings from the study showed that 3 out of 4 individuals placed the toilet paper flaps facing the front side.

  1. Pharmaceuticals

Our sewers contain a large dosage of drugs since close to 90% of the medicines we take we excrete them through urination. According to a study that was done by EPA, the fish in the water bodies was found to contain traces of pain relievers, estrogen, antibiotics, antidepressants, caffeine, and cholesterol-lowering.

  1. President Richard Nixon

During the Vietnam War, the government processes that were associated with war experienced some intelligence leak. President Nixon decided to create a unit that was known as White House Special Investigations Unit. The selected members of this elite unit were popularly known as plumbers.

  1. Toilet Flushing

When the super bowl goes for halftime, the toilet in the washrooms gets flushed more times than during any other time in the whole year. Funny facts indeed: all those popcorn, potato chips, chicken wings.

  1. Historically Famous Plumbers

Well, Mario and Luigi are the most famous plumbers of all time. The duo has managed to be in more than 200 games ever since their creation by the Mario brothers back in 1985.

  1. King George II

When he dies on 25 October 1760, it was discovered that the cause of his death was that he fell off his toilet.

  1. What’s Your Bathroom name?

Whenever you go to a new place we always find different names for the common things we are sued. Well, bathrooms have many names in all the different places in the world. In Egypt it’s called the House of Horror, Romans called it Necessarium, Tudors called it House of Privacy or Privy, in France it was known as “La Chambre Sent” which meant the smelly house, and the Israelis called it the House of Honor.

  1. Lifetime

Have you ever wondered how many times or how long you stay in the toilet? Studies and research show that the average individual spends about 3 years of their life sitting or using the toilet.


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