Shocking 10 Air Conditioning Myths Busted

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Summer is simply the busiest seasons for most air conditioning companies and AC retailers alike. This is the period when you find most people buy air conditioners. It is also the time that you will hear many myths and misconceptions that surround these machines and how to use them. This article discussed ten of the most believed myths about air conditioners.

  1. Your air conditioner’s cost will increase when you have it serviced

This is not true. In fact, you will do your air conditioner a big favor by having it serviced on a regular basis. Regular servicing will keep your AC running more efficiently and for longer and also save you any other expenses that you may incur. Regular servicing will help identify any problems brewing in your AC and fix them.

  1. You will reduce your energy cost significantly if you close all the vents

This trick can only work if you have a zoned house. But if not, then shutting down your vents will only make your air conditioner less efficient since air will not flow freely through your home as it is supposed to.

  1. Giant air conditioners cool better than the smaller ones

You need to realize that different air conditioners are designed for different room sizes. So, unless you have a large room for that new huge air conditioner you just bought, you will only be adding to your current energy bill and making you uncomfortable from the overwhelming conditioning.

  1. “Energy efficient” ACs automatically means you will have reduced your energy costs

If and when used as directed, these energy-efficient cooling machines will definitely save you some energy bills. But it is not an automatic process that you will realize reduced energy costs after purchasing energy-efficient ACs. If you misuse these air conditioners, you will end up getting even more energy bills that you catered for.

  1. You can cool the air in your home using ceiling fans

Again, this is a false claim. Ceiling fans only help to move the air around in your space, but not cool it. Fans don’t lower the home temperatures at all but circulate air by keeping the cool air lower in a room.

  1. When you set your AC to very low temperatures, your home will cool faster

The air conditioning systems are all programmed to cool at the same rate, regardless of the temperatures set. So, if you want your AC to cool your home to 74°F and set the thermostat to 70°F, the room temperature will not cool faster than the normal rate. The only difference is that it will continue to keep cooling your home if you do not stop or reset the temperature set.

  1. You can install your AC and thermostat anywhere in your home

This is a false statement as AC thermostats usually use the temperatures around it to determine your room temperature. So, if you place it next to the window where the sun hits it, you should expect it to record high temperatures and end up giving uneven heating and cooling air.

  1. You must change your air filters every 90 days

The instructions might be saying that you do this, but it’s not the case. You have to check your AC filters after every 30 days to determine their conditions.

  1. You will lower your energy costs by running your AC all day

Running your AC all day will not save you more money buy cost you a lot more energy bills to pay. So, you need to take other precautionary measures to maintain the warm or cool temperatures of your home and switch off your AC sometimes.

  1. Your AC will stay in good shape for longer if you don’t run it

False! In fact, you may end up losing the AC. If left unused for a long period, you may end up adding a lot of problems with the AC that you didn’t plan for. So, just try and make your home comfortable using the system.


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