How New Windows And Doors Can Save You Money

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Windows and Door

Unwanted heat transfer and poor thermal regulation caused by older windows and doors, worn weatherstripping or construction materials that were not designed to optimize energy efficiency can place additional strain on HVAC equipment. Window replacements, door upgrades and repairing or replacing weatherstripping that is no longer able to maintain an effective seal is an effective way to reduce heating and cooling costs. Drafty rooms and internal environments where effective temperature regulation is problematic may be costing home and property owners much more than they might realize.

Issues Caused by Older Doors and Windows

Windows and doors that have been in place for many years can suffer from a variety of issues ranging from everyday wear and tear to warping and deformation caused by exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture. Doors and windows that no longer fit their frame properly can lead to unwanted heat transfer and higher energy costs. Inspecting the state and condition of all doors and windows, and replacing those that show obvious signs of wear or that may be creating a drafty environment can make a substantial difference for those seeking to create and maintain a more cost-effective and energy efficient household. Depending on your current energy efficiency, you can save up to 15% a year on your energy bill according to houselogic!

Replacing Worn Weatherstripping

While exterior doors and high-quality windows can last for many years without issue, weatherstripping that has been poorly selected, improperly installed or exposed to substances and conditions that may lead to accelerated wear may need to be replaced far more frequently. Weatherstripping is essential for creating a more effective seal between a door or window and its frame. Worn weatherstripping, installations that were not properly fitted and materials that have become rigid or suffered cracks can quickly result in higher utility bills due to inefficient heating and cooling.

Energy-Efficient Installations

Thicker doors, double-pane windows, solar screening and even materials that have been painted in an effort to better reflect or adsorb heat and sunlight can all be key assets for reducing utility costs. The cost of door and window replacement or upgrades can often pay for itself over time by ensuring heating and cooling interior environments may be done with less effort and cost. Overlooking the many different options for energy-efficient doors and windows that can be found can limit the effectiveness of home renovation and upgrade efforts designed to curb energy usage and lower monthly energy costs.

Benefits of Professional Installation

Replacing older doors or installing new windows can be a challenging undertaking for those who lack the proper tools and experience. Professional inspection of existing doors and windows and quality installation and replacement services ensure that creating a more sustainable, comfortable and cost-effective household can be done with greater ease and success. Improper installation of a new door or replacement window can create future problems that may result in higher utility costs. If you insist on doing the installation yourself, check out this guide.


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