Get Some REAL Energy with “RA Energy” (Review + Giveaway!)

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It seems we’re always looking for ways to have more ENERGY!

I guess that’s why coffee is so popular. But I’ve found an even BETTER way to get more energy. And it’s healthier for you! Wait for it…… SEEDS. Yup and not just any seeds.. the ones with the most energy include hemp, sesame, buckwheat, flax and chia to name just a few.

Vancouver based company, RA ENERGY has created a tasty, easy and nutritious way for us to add some real energy to our food to get us through the day. 

Meet Ra Energy owner/creator ADAM HART.  


Ra Energy owner Adam Hart

1.  Can you tell me in a few sentences what the focus of your business is? Rå Energy is all about making healthy eating easy for everyone. Developing better eating habits doesn’t have to mean a huge change to your diet. You can start small by making healthy additions like seeds packed full of Omega 3 &6, iron, fibre, protein and calcium to add extra nutrients to your diet.

 2.  Who is your market? Everyone can benefit by adding seeds to their diet. Rå Energy is a mix of slow-release high protein organic seeds that help to give you sustained energy all day long. It’s great for helping kids stay focused all day at school, as a snack food ingredient for hikers and skiers, and for helping busy people get through their days. It’s also ideal for people at risk for developing diabetes. Ra Energy prevents your blood sugar levels from spiking; it works to stabilize blood sugars levels for hours. Sprinkling a tablespoon amount on your meals will reduce food cravings and help prevent you from developing pre diabetes that leads to type 2 diabetes.

3. How long have you been in business? 
 I have been in the food industry in Vancouver for more than 30 years. When I met Rå Energy’s creator, Adam Hart, I knew we were onto something great. Working together with Adam to bring Rå Energy to Canadians has been life changing for me. I have changed my diet and as a result I have lost weight, I have more energy and I all over feel better.

 4.  Why did you start this business? My company has been bringing fresh food to Canadian consumers for many years. Adding a whole food supplement felt like a natural fit for us. It fits with the values and culture of our company to strive for excellence and care for people, the environment and communities.

5.  How do you think your eco business has or will impact your community or is helping people leave less of a footprint on our planet? The basis for Rå Energy is a plant-based diet.  I’ve learned there are so many benefits to following, or even incorporating parts of, a plant-based diet. Growing and producing the foods for a plant-based diet are much gentler on the environment. We are cognizant of our environmental footprint and always have been. We are a local company that hires and manufactures our product right here in the Lower Mainland.

6.  Do you have a special promotion going on right now? Can our Greenkick readers get a special discount if they order from you after reading this article? 
We have $2.00 off Rå Energy coupons to help make it even easier to for you to give Rå Energy a try. Simply visit our Facebook page to redeem it. Rå Energy is found at all most grocery retailers including Whole Foods, IGA, Save-On-Foods, Price Smart Foods, Urban Fare and Overwaitea stores in B.C. 

6.  Is there anything else you want to include?  “Don’t change your life – add to it.”  Try adding a tablespoon of Rå Energy to your food three times a day for a week and let us know if you feel the Rå Energy difference.

I LOVE Ra Energy. We add it to our cereals, smoothies, vegetable dishes, wraps… the list goes on! Try it cooked into your food or sprinkled on top. With three natural flavour options, it makes a great food topping on almost anything including, peanut-buttered toast, eggs, steak, salad, or ice cream.

I really noticed a difference in my energy level when I used Ra Energy three times a day in my food. It’s so simple and easy to do. I don’t take vitamins, just seeds. I believe my body likes that too. It reduces those food cravings and helps me sleep better. Give it a try. Don’t forget your coupon!


Check out Adam Hart’s fabulous book: The Power of Food. It’s full of great recipes for healthy living. You really are what you eat.



Includes: 3 shakers plus one refill bag, and one serving sachets

(Value $75)  Open to Canada only

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