Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets are Toxic & NOT Needed In Your Laundry!

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I know, I know… we’ve been marketed to for years that our clothes NEED to smell “Baby Fresh” and NEED to feel “Super Soft”. And adding a Fabric Softener to your laundry will leave your clothes smelling “fresh” and leave them super soft. And of course using dryer sheets will get rid of  ”Static Electricity” and leave them smelling like “flowers”.

Have you ever stopped to think just HOW THEY DO THAT?

Well, none of it is NATURAL or GOOD FOR YOU or your FAMILY!

When fabric softeners first came out they were made from a combination of soap and olive oil (or other natural oils). NOW? Today’s fabric softeners are made of noxious chemicals combined with a massive amount of fragrance that masks the toxic odors. These chemicals coat the surface of textiles with a thin layer of lubrication. This makes the clothes feel smoother and helps them resist the buildup of static electricity.

Did you know that fabric softeners actually make material less absorbent? Due to the film that covers your laundry, fabric softeners actually make your material less absorbent. And that film is a FIRE HAZARD as well!

Did I mention that our SKIN is the biggest organ our bodies have and if our clothes are covered in toxic substances then our skin will ABSORB IT!


    • Exposes us and our families to TOXIC SUBSTANCES
    • NEEDLESS Expense
    • Doesn’t work
    • Shortens the life span of your clothes by polluting them

Natural Ways to make your Laundry Smell: 

I personally don’t want my laundry to “Smell”. To me, no smell is a clean smell. But if you want a scent, try adding a few drops of ESSENTIAL OIL to your laundry detergent holder.

Natural Way to Eliminate Static Electricity: 

Simply use the LOW HEAT SETTING on our dryer and dry for 35 – 40 min. You don’t need an hour. You’ll save energy and money by not using your dryer so long.

Please spread the word about this post. I know some people ‘swear’ by their fabric softeners.

It’s evident as I walk through my neighbourhood and smell the ‘aroma’ of fabric softener or dryer sheets coming from nearby vents from homes. Makes me ill. Hopefully these products will be a thing of the past one day. One can only hope.


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