Do You Have All the Water Purification Facts Right?

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Many people can’t usually tell the difference between water purification and water filtration. But if you dig a little deeper into the meaning of these two terminologies, you will find that they are not the same thing. Understanding the two terms will help you in effectively using the water purification tablets. Here’s the difference:

  • Water purification is the process by which you use a system to remove between 90% and 95% of all the contaminants in water.
  • Water filtration is the process by which you remove sediments and any other unwanted substances like toxins and harmful chemicals from your water. A water filter works to improve the overall water odor and taste as well as reduce the levels of most of the chemicals found in water.

In your home, it’s true that you are lugging gallons of gallons of water possibly on a weekly basis and even when you do the math you will notice that of every 167 water bottles that you donate only about 38 get recycled and the rest end up dumping the environment. Even with the current ban the bottle campaign going on, you will not fail to notice just how slow the whole country is progressing with this motion. But then again, better half a loaf than no bread, right? it may be slow, but it is still making progress.

Eventually, the world will come to a point when only greener alternatives will be the only next option to getting clean drinking water.

Below are a few benefits that water filtration systems come with and the reasons why you should consider starting to filter your water from home and using it in place of bottled water

Facts about water filtration

  1. Bottled water isn’t working

The first reason is that we are losing large volumes of water in the process of cleaning and manufacturing bolted water. It takes about three liters of water to be cleaned and manufactured before it yields only just one liter of water. The rest goes to waste.

Then secondly, you can imagine all the tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere daily by these water treatment companies. need you read more?

  1. Water filtered from home is cleaner than bottled water

Even the president’s cancer panel has warned harshly against the drinking and use of bottled water due to the many impurities and contaminants that can still be found in them even after the purification processes. Not to mention the carbon-based chemical composition that the water bottled are made of which can harm your health.

  1. Water filtration saves money

Do this math for a minute; tap water will cost you less than a penny for one gallon, and the same quantity of bottled water will cost you 300 times more. And if you use water filtration methods, then you will be adding about two cents more into the overall cost of tap water.

  1. Water filtration systems are easy to maintain

Most of the water filters like pitcher filters and point-of-use filters use replaceable carbon which will leave your water purified and ready to drink and do any other chores without much hustle.

  1. Filtered water tastes better

Try it you and you will see the difference for yourself.


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