Hello! I would LOVE to hear from you!

Hello! I would LOVE to hear from you!

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Some KUDOS from our Greenkick Facebook page and Blog followers – 

“Michele I am an ongoing fan of what you post here! So much insightful info & great suggestions we can share & incorporate into our lifestyle!!! Thank you!!!”  – Lori G, Surrey, BC

“Seriously Michele. You are amazing at the great green things you find. You do such a great job at keeping us informed. You deserve a metal!”  – Susie D., Vancouver, BC

“thank you! I’m slowly trying to eradicate chemicals from my life and I love the ideas and tips on your blog!” – Cuddlebug Captures, Vancouver, BC

 ”Michele you always have the most facinating articles, TY!” – Diana F, Des Moines, Iowa “Just came across your site and LOVE it! “ – Shannon, Vancouver, BC

‘Thank you for posting WHERE to go thrift shopping for all those different things! i love thrift shopping but don’t go very often because i never really know where to go! i’ll be sure to visit turnabout clothing” 🙂  – Eryka, Surrey, BC

 ”Hi Michele, Love your blog and read it all the time.” – Sherron, White Rock, B.C.  ”Thanks for your blogs.. they are great to read!” – Beth, Fresno, CA

“You are sooo cool and you make the world a better place!” – Lisa P, Surrey, BC

“Happy Earth Day Michele! thanks to you for everything you do to save the future of our beautiful planet! 🙂 ” – Dione, Surrey, BC

“I recently discovered your blog and think that you are fantastic at your vision! I personally am very happy to see you as outstanding example of mother who deeply cares not only for your kids and family health because they always comes first, but the planet as well! Congratulations!” –Sandra, Vancouver, BC