A Detailed Guide to The Best 4 Paint Brushes for Interior Painting

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While every paint brush you look at may look to be the same, they differ in a variety of ways. Your interior painting Toronto brushes consist of many different types where each is designed to work best in different situations and with different types of paint. Even the walls that you plan to paint affects the type of paint brush you use.

So, knowing the best paint brush to purchase and use on your wall is crucial if you wish to have a quicker and smoother application of the paint on the wall. Here are some of the paintbrush types that you can find at your local hardware store. These paint brushes are designed for interior painting.

1. Painting Brushes That Are Flagged

These brushes have basically had their ends split. They are also called “exploded bristle” brushes. Flagged bristle paint brushes are used exclusively with latex paint. Flagged brushes offer more surface area of the brush. So, you can cover up more workspace in a shorter time frame. You can also apply the paint more smoothly on your walls and they leave very few marks from the brush as well.

2. Painting Brushes Made of Natural Hair

The natural hair that is found in the natural hair paint brushes usually comes from badgers or hogs. The natural hair paint brushes work best with oil-based paint. Meaning that you have to clean them with a paint thinner each time after using them. You can also use natural hair paint brushes when painting using water-based paint as they work to absorb the water.

Paint brushes used by painters come in different types from camel hair to sable hair. These natural hair brushes tend to be more expensive than the other types and are mainly used for fine art projects. The badger hair paint brush, the most expensive paint brush, does not leave any paint marks on the walls which makes them the most professional for the job.

3. Painting Brushes Made Of Synthetic Hair

The bristles of these paint brushes are made from nylon and polyester. They are a lot rougher when compared to the natural hair paint brushes and work best when used with water-based emulsion paints.

Synthetic hair paint brushes are not recommended for oil-based paint as these types of pint make their bristles become stiff. They can then end up scratching your walls thus damaging it further. Chinese bristle brushes are the only synthetic hair paint brushes known to glide oil-based paint on smoothly. Synthetic brushes also don’t clean up that well after being used with oil-based paint.

Cheap synthetic hair paint brushes also throw away bristles. The more expensive ones, however, do not shed any bristles. Bristles that get stuck in the paint can be a pretty messy nightmare to the painter. All the more reason to use a little extra money to get quality and professional brushes.

4. The Size of The Painting Brushes

Paint brushes can range from tiny which are used in fine art, to ones that are several inches wide that are more suitable to be used in painting walls. Sizing enables the brushes to be more specialized for specific painting tasks. For example, the bristles of sash brushes are cut to a point that they can easily access and easily paint wall corners.


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