8 Cheap & Easy Ways to GREEN Your Kitchen (+ Abeego GIVEAWAY)

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I don’t have to tell you the most used area in your house is the KITCHEN.

So, let’s look at some ways to make it a little more SUSTAINABLE simply by making some different choices. 



1. INSTEAD OF: Paper Towels

TRY: Microfiber Cloths – You’ll save so much by NOT buying paper towels. Plus you don’t need them! Our planet’s trees will thank you.

2. INSTEAD OF: Buying Plastic Ziploc Bags

TRY: Reusing Plastic Bags from Food and Using a Bag Dryer – I use mine all the time and never have a problem finding a bag as I reuse cereal bags, package food bags etc.

Bag Dryer

3. INSTEAD OF: Using Chemical Kitchen Cleaners  

TRY: Microfiber cloths and your own homemade cleaner  It’s TRUE! You don’t need CHEMICALS to clean your house! It’s all marketing and fear tactics. Instead of polluting your home, only use VINEGAR, water and microfiber cloths. 

4. INSTEAD OF: Buying a Spray Oil 

TRY: A Refillable Oil Bottle Think of how much money you’ll save!

6. INSTEAD OF: Buying Fruits/Vegetables from Other Countries

TRY: Only eating locally and in season – do you REALLY need to eat watermelon every day? 

7. INSTEAD OF: Throwing out your Food Waste 

TRY: Composting It – less greenhouse gas on the planet due to food waste is a good thing.

Abeego Beeswax Wraps

***8. INSTEAD OF: Using Plastic Containers and Plastic Wrap

TRY: Using Glass Containers and ABEEGO BEESWAX WRAPS – To avoid plastic leaching into food, use only glass containers for food. And my NEW discovery…. Abeego Beeswax Wraps!


Don’t you hate it when you’re putting away the leftovers and you can’t find LIDS to containers???

Well, do I have a solution! Victoria, B.C. based company, Abeego Beeswax Wraps has the answer. These easy to use wraps are perfect! They come in a variety of sizes, affordable and work very well. Just place over the container and mold the wrap to your container. Done. The food stays fresher longer and you can re-use the wraps for up to a year. You can use then anywhere you would use plastic wrap. But this is way better for the environment as you can compost the wraps after using them for a year. What could be better?

I ADORE my wraps and highly recommend them.

Here’s your chance to



Value $15

Open to Canada and U.S. only   


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