7 Reasons Why City Dwellers Should Cycle to Work

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Most North Americans don’t cycle to work despite major improvements made in the cycling infrastructure. Though there are innumerable advantages to cycling to work and using city bikes in simple transportation within the city, here are a few you might like.

  1. Convenience

Traffic jams, parking space, and unexpected roadblocks are bottlenecks of private or public transportation avoided by cycling. You can easily park at the nearest pole, lock your bike to it, and go about your daily routine. A lot of workplaces have showers and bike parking facilities to support cycling workers. Cycling bags and panniers also make carrying materials to work easy

  1. Fitness

Calories burned while cycling depends on topography, speed, and the cyclist. Riding and jogging burn nearly the same amount of calories even though riding has less strain on your joints. Improved coordination, aerobic and cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle mass, lowered blood pressure, and boosted energy are all improved by cycling.

  1. Economics

Vehicle maintenance, repair, insurance, parking cost, gasoline and motor oil cos, and the cost of the vehicle itself can add up to a huge sum. However, the total cost for a bike is far less especially if you want to maintain and repair it yourself.  In case you don’t own a car and are using public transport, a bike will save you the fare that would otherwise accumulate to a considerable amount.

  1. Safety

A study by the University of New South Wales in 2008 indicated that biking safety is a cycle that is virtuous. With the increase in the number of riders, collisions between drivers and riders reduce. Increase in the number of pedestrians and cyclist makes the behavior of drivers change to involve safer driving practices. Improvement in the perception of relative cycling safety with collision reduction has increased the number of cyclists. Hence, the virtuous cycle.

  1. Happiness

Commuting in congested public transit, sitting in traffic jams, or navigating a city that is congested is not some of the activities that you would identify as those that make you happy or calm you down. On the other hand, when you ride your bike work, it can change your day to day commute into a modest therapy. According to most studies, reduction of anxiety and stress are some of the things daily exercise can achieve. Other than these, daily exercise also improves your sleep patterns especially if you are an individual with insomnia. It also cheers you up by alleviating depression symptoms. Moreover, outdoor exercise has been confirmed to improve your overall mood and boost your self-confidence.

  1. Intelligence

You become more intelligent when you ride to work. Research has confirmed that daily exercise focuses learning and memory, stop the cognitive decline and generally enhances your brain performance. Even though going to work by biking may not turn you into a genius like Einstein, it will most likely improve your job performance at the very least.

  1. Fun

Put simply and plainly, biking to work is fun. You may like to ride your bike carefree despite all the rigors of work just like the childhood memories you had riding around your neighborhood. Incorporating cycling to work gives you a chance to experience this exhilarating feeling daily.


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