10 Interesting Ways of How to DIY Your Wooden Wine Boxes

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Often you find people just stacking their wooden wine boxes in a corner somewhere and forgetting about them which usually end up taking a lot of storage space. However, you can always use these wooden pieces to create something new and fun in your home. There are literally countless DIYs you can do on your old wooden wine crates instead of just letting them lie about in your home. Some of the creative pieces you can get out of your wooden wine crates include:

1. Side table:

You can DIY a beautiful side table by inserting a few wood slices into your creativity to form even smaller squares which can make a lovely piece for your crafting space. Perhaps even work with your child in the whole process to make it more fun. Your child can even choose the paper then all you have to do after that is to attach the legs and voila, you have yourself a beautiful side table. You won’t be able to resist the urge to want to have one in every single room in your home afterward.

2. A planting box:

You can also create a stylish planter out of your old wooden wine crates. This is also a pretty simple process. You only need to cover any homes to ensure that no dirt has any space to leak out. It makes for the perfect piece to have on your tiny porch.

3. A shoe storage box:

Most people usually have issues with their shoe storage especially when they feel they don’t have enough room to fit all their shoes. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. Those wooden wine crates also work good shoe storage units and can help you a lot. You will have more space to tuck away some of the shoes you rarely put on.

4. Wall shelves:

In this DIY process, you can simply paint the insides of your wine crates with happy colors and after all the paint has dried, you can screw them on your wall. After that, you can style them into whatever shapes you think will really work on your walls using your new wall shelves.

5. Garden seeds storage box:

Here is another great idea you can apply to your wooden wine crates as well. Seed packets can sometimes take over your life is you are into gardening. But you can always collect your seeds in your pretty wine crate boxes which you have made by yourself.

6. Fold up table:

You can also create a lovely outdoor tray table if you have an old fold up table and a wine crate. You can use it on your patio or garden or pretty much anywhere else.

7. Rustic desk:

You can also stack your wooden wine crate to create a decent rustic desk instead of just having them lying around taking up a lot of space that you can use to do some other things.

8. Kitchen/bathroom storage trolley:

Why not be creative enough to DIY crates on wheels? You can roll them into your pantry and use them for food storage or even into your closets for shoe storage. You can also opt to have them in your bathroom for toiletries. You can use them pretty much anywhere.

9. A charging station:

So, maybe you are the kind who is ever looking for his/her charger, or cables. With this wine crate DIY, you don’t need to worry any further. You can create your own charging stations where you can also hide all your charging devices.

10. Stacked shelves:

This is another wine crate DIY which you can easily do from the comfort of your home.  Make stacked shelves out of your wooden crates with ease and add another beautiful piece of furniture to your home.


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